Among Death's Shadow

by SpellBounD

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released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


SpellBounD Thessaloniki, Greece

Spellbound is a melodic death metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in summer of 2012. The band has participated in many live shows, and has also had the chance to support great bands such as Suicidal Angels, Wolfheart, Ravencult and Septicflesh. "Among Death's Shadow" is the band's first official full album release, recorded, mixed and mastered at "Infected studios". ... more

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Track Name: Death unleashed
01. Death Unleashed
Death is unleashed
and his mighty hunt for souls has started.
With his scythe he's slashing flesh,
of the ones corrupted.

He has arrived,
I stand before him numb, left to die.
Lord of the dead,
I curse you into life eternal!
As darkness falls above,
I will cross the rift of hell.
The one that leads into the abyss,
the one that destiny has brought me.
So wake me up,
I'm longing for your blood,
I smell it spilled.
I am death's ambassador,
the one that leads to justice.
Track Name: Sleepy hollow
02. Sleepy Hollow
Death and silence,
I hear the wolves are howling.
Darkness, corrupts the soul
and hunts for prey above all.
The portal is open
and the rider rushers through it.
For ages he's been sleeping,
now it's time for REVENGE.
Kneel before his might and obscurity,
he's forever bound to his frozen body.
He's been spellbound
by witchery and driven by hate.
The curse is bound in blood and flesh.

One by one,
bodies fall before his might.
their corpses are left behind.
The fog devours,
the sorrow of the ones fallen.
Descending the spiritual rest.
Track Name: Hate embraced
03. Hate Embraced
Fire and blood, will fall tonight,
as the rider is chopping the heads of sinners.
Ride on, there's work to be done.
Let the fate choose the best ones,
to suffer the most.

Rivers of blood, visions have told
that the shadows hold the mystics,
who summoned the lord.
LOUDER! the hellhounds are yelling.
They smell the flesh of the human bodies.
So take a look at the sky it's the last time you will,
the last time we see the sunrise.
Die proud of what you are, feel sorry for the weak,
cheating death once more, war in the underworld.

Hate embraced, the words of pain
Eternal suffering in the abyss, grievance of existence.
Invoked by darkness, they're calling for revenge.
Hunt the bastards, nail them down, life is over.
Track Name: Nameless
04. Nameless
I saw the ancient light rising right above me,
felt the burning sky's wrath,
echoing the perishing world.
Hordes of chaos rising from their graves,
as the rider is coming.
You can hear the screams of pain,
coming from the gate.
Feeling the cold breeze,
flowing through the darkened mist.
Holocaust creating, for this world.
How does it feel now?
watching your friends and loved ones,
dying right in front of your eyes!
feeling innocent,
while your hands are covered in blood,
by those whom you chose to ignore
and left to suffer.
A glance upon his eyes,
burns like touching the sun.
Forsaken by this world,
you will rot in your grave.
Track Name: Blood ain't last
05. Blood ain't Last
Look at the dark,do you see the red eyes?
Blood they seek, they demand the corpses,
of their enemies.
Imprisoned, for a thousand years,
the brimstone gate has opened.
The time for resent is near.
I've never tasted blood, feeling so much warm,
but there are more,
praying for righteousness.
I was baptized in blood, I feel the fire in my soul,
flesh that burns redeem this world,
and all that lies within.
The knight is riding, spreads death along his way,
Fulfilling his thirst,
none can stop the inevitable fate.
I was raised in darkness,
sworn to the darkest light.
The goddess of the night sky,
seduced me with her mind.
Behold the son of truth, I am death and life.
Behold my kingdom come,
where pitch black shadows live.
Track Name: Among death's shadow
06. Among Death's Shadow
Running among,
with the shadows of the dead,
feeling his ice cold breath coming closer.
Red snow fades in my path,
feeding on my insanity.
I broke my hand,
I fell among the rotten corpses,
can't be absorbed,
my soul he cannot dismay.
I call on demons, release my fury,
get outside of me,
to slay all those who stand against thee.

Among the shadows!
Watch the shadows,
you will see me hunting down my prey.
You are next in line!
The reaper has sent me.
Deadly blessings cast upon me,
can't take the pain away.
You've been deceived,
I will drag you with me in hell.
Track Name: Laugh of despair
07. Laugh of Despair
Anxious despair,
as the mind goes away,
and the only instinct,
is to kill or be killed!
Shattered, weakened,
I cannot control it.
The beast, imprisoned,

Pain from inside,
meets hate in my eyes,
as I seek in the shadows for my prey.
The art of war,
takes place in this world,
and all that lies within.

Don't let go,
you're almost there.
In the battle with sanity.
Face to face with the horror.
Smile evil, laugh desperately.
Track Name: Nightwalk
08. Nightwalk
Nightwalk, the curse is on.
The mystic moon, guides my path.
Lies as you stand in false light.
Inner hate,
let the hunt begin!
Feel my hate, I will shred their skin.
For I was blind, and was left behind.
The wrath above and so below,
Reflects the hate in my eyes.

Dawn of the hypocrisy ends,
the long gone eternity.
The wrath within my heart and soul,
imprisoned inside me.
Track Name: Let them burn
09. Let them burn
Behold! the mightiest king.
Ruler of the night, mouth of the light.
Fear not your enemies and bring them pain,
cause no one has resisted,
the power of your scythe!
Buried and rotten, all the enemies,
kiss your dead beloved ones,
and cover them with mud!

Reborn, everytime I'm getting killed,
forsaken in a wooden coffin six feet below the earth.
For I, never kneeled to the king,
Death was his name, the lord commanded him.

Lies were spoken in the Lords' name,
a fearless mind, his only enemy.
Never a slave, nor I'll ever be,
so I walk the lone path against thy.